How To Use Internet Marketing For Your Blog

If you are like everyone else on the net, you are trying to get more traffic for your blog. Since it is highly likely that you do not have the time to implement hundreds of ideas to help drive traffic, there are a few big internet marketing tips that you can follow to get big results.

First and foremost, you need to focus on creating quality content. Great content will help to increase the likelihood of your blog gaining more inbound links from other websites.

It will also increase the chance of your blog being shared on social media, and help to establish a following that will continue to return to read your information and share your content. All of this helps to contribute to each of your posts getting ranked higher in the Google listings.

For each post that you write, do a keyword search. Decide on your topic that you will be writing about and then do research to find which keywords you should target in the post. You can easily use Google’s free keyword tool to do this.

Not only will this show you which terms are searched more frequently and what keyword you should target, but the search can also help to provide you with new ideas for your future blog posts.

Be sure to do search engine optimization (SEO) for each post that you write. If you optimize each post for one keyword, it helps the search engines to recognize the subject of the post and index it accordingly.

Once you have the keyword that you are going to target, be sure to incorporate it into your page title, throughout your content, your meta description, your image ALT text, and your H1 header. Do not try to put to keyword in the post to frequently, (this would be keyword stuffing), just mention it a few times naturally throughout your content.

You really do need to have your own domain name. If you do all this effort for SEO, it will be for nothing if your URL has or at the end. This gives tumbler or WordPress all of your SEO credit. Using a hosting service is fairly cheap, and all that SEO juice is credited to your efforts.

Make it as easy as possible for your blog post to be shared in social media. You can do this by adding social media sharing buttons to each blog post that you write. This makes it very easy for your readers to be able to share the content.

Google is now factoring in social shares into their search. This means that the more times your content is shared throughout social media, the higher your rankings for that content will become in Google.

Providing your followers with great content, relevant subjects, and an easy way to share that content with friends will not only help to increase traffic to your site, but will help to maximize your internet marketing efforts and rankings.

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